Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving and Tasmanian Devils

This reminder from the lovely hippo, from Australia, over at tells us what we already know.

Every one needs someone to watch out for them sometimes, even if you are a Tasmanian Devil.

There are a gazillion things I am thankful for and today I'll be with my family remembering so many of them (perhaps after a glass of wine). One person holds a special place in our hearts.

He loved his family and he loved to cook, so Thanksgiving was right up his alley. My sweet Dad.

I hold his memory in my heart.

Now, go eat your pie and have another glass of wine. You may drive one another a little nuts, but, that's what family does. Although we're spread out from Long Island to Brooklyn and Queens to Florida to California to Washington state we still manage to send hugs and kisses by phone or by net. Let us all count our blessings.

Tasmanian Devil ~ Wikipedia We can do it!

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