Friday, September 26, 2008

The Anti-Hero

Today's headline reads 'Largest US Bank Failure Ever'. I'm no economist. I'm not a politician. I'm not a financial expert. I am a US taxpayer, though. My Uncle Sam wants to borrow a staggering sum of money from me and my fellow citizens. This will put a band aid in a gaping fiscal wound. There's no way I will pretend to understand the nuances of this band aid, but I have been doing my homework. Hey, it's my hard earned mortgage-paying economy pushing money they want to use. Compromises had been made and Democrats and Republicans seemed to have a basic agreement.
Enter Sen. John McCain, riding his valiant steed, in his leadership role. His cronies hammered out a new plan to spend the big bucks. Did he share this information before the big meeting? Hell, no. He's a hero, charging in to save the economy. He knows what's best for all. The house of cards comes tumbling down with a real brouhaha.
Maybe Dave is right. Something stinks. It is the stench of tactics used by the Bush administration from which Senator McCain so desperately wishes to distance himself. Create confusion, increase the fear factor and try to shove some policy down our throats in the name of saving us, the American public. Aren't you supposed to serve the people? We've had enough of pseudo-kings. A true hero doesn't have to grandstand. A true hero comes to the rescue by doing what has to be done, without a spotlight. This is just more of the same. All we need is an aircraft carrier and a banner. Deliver me from saviours. Find a leader who levels with America. We can all work together. We must, to survive this mess. We want to support a president who supports us.
I hope Sen. McCain has the intestinal fortitude to debate Sen. Obama tonight. The topic should be the economy. The American public would like to hear what both of you have to say. Sen. Obama will be there. We will all be listening.

Seems the debate is on this evening. I'm all ears.

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