Friday, March 28, 2008

Urban Mythology and Tantric Sex

We stopped at the Silver Moon Diner for coffee. I still call it the Silver Moon, but in fact, it has been through a few incarnations and reincarnations. I don't remember what it is called now, but that's not important. The conversation in the next booth caught my ear.

"Joey, there was this quiz in Cosmo. Marie and I took it. It's about how fulfilled you feel. Lotsa things, ya know family, kids, friends, your job and of course, sex.

Joey just gave her the look. He sat there, looking like an Elvis impersonator, salt and pepper pompadour, bright blue bloodshot eyes with his gold neck chain peeking out from his unbuttoned shirt collar.

"Don't start with me Gina."

"What? Start what?"

"It's always sex with you."

Gina tilted her head to the side, her long blonde hair a curtain of pale silk.

"Then aren't you the lucky duck. I'm talking Tantric sex."

"Jeez, Gina, save it for the bedroom."

He started laughing that wheezy smoker's laugh.
Gina trilled chick- a- dee giggles.
He paid the check and off they went into the night.
I think they might be heading for Brooklyn, borough of my birth.
Maybe it was an inside joke.
No way this could happen. Were they happily practicing Tantric sex with their own 2000 Anniversary Edition KamaSutra on their nightstand or in the Naughty and Nice drawer?
(don't tell me you don't have one)
I wonder about these things, but why I do not know.
Many strange people congregate in diners.
You may have rubbed elbows with a serial killer,
stopping in for a cup of java after a night's work.
Son of Sam used to trawl our neighborhood.
Hell, he shot two young women a few blocks from this little diner.
Who knows if he stopped in for some scrambled eggs and coffee on his way home, blue postal pants all neat and pressed?
Anyway, I'd rather think about Joey and Gina, the Cosmo quiz and a special book all their own.
I wonder about these things, but why, I do not know.

KamaSutra Tarot~from my obsession with Tarot decks

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