Sunday, March 30, 2008

Heavy Metal

Started working on some metal ATC's for mstrish's April Showers LMAO.
There's a poem, Letter from Nebraska, by Viggo Mortensen, that gave me a bit of inspiration.
The more I read this poem, the more I feel it.
The lasf few lines are

"It never rains. The sun is losing it's yellow and the
clouds are curling up at the edges. The radio playes twenty- year- old
twenty-four hours a day.
I haven't said a word
since April."

I've been listening to my favorite oldies station all day,
I feel as though I haven't said a word since April 2000, but, of course.....
Script Frenzy takes off on Tuesday, this will be a new experience. I think I'm scripting my
Poe story, maybe play format. It would be a good thing to decide before Tuesday, heh!

My daughter was brain-washed by the Temptations and believed My Girl was written for her because her birthday is in May. Could be worse.
More metal, etching in progress.

Letter from Nebraska~head over to Perceval Press

St. Pelvis!~Saint of the Month PIF from dunglas back in the day at Nness

Tin ATC with copper tape and aluminum inchie, Sharpies

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