Saturday, March 29, 2008

Do You Frenzy?

Oooooh yeah! April is Script Frenzy Month, thirty days to write one hundred pages.

November is for Novels. Don't you just love a challenge? I'm nowhere near ready, but, onward and upward. Yeeee haaaaaah!

email received today, reminders are good!

Greetings Frenzies!
We have officially entered into the final hours of the countdown. On Tuesday, the lights will burn and the camera will roll on Script Frenzy 2008! But for now, enjoy the calm before the Frenzy.
This is your last chance to polish outlines, stock up on chocolate and caffeine, and concoct "symptoms" that you can use to your advantage. Such symptoms, of course, come in handy at work and can be used to explain any sudden absences, daydreams, or frantic dives for pen and paper. Especially if such activities happen mid-meeting while you scribble down a brilliant idea before it fades away.
I can hear Rod Serling's droning voice, "You are about to enter another dimension," and it sends shivers of anticipation through me. If this is your first trip with Script Frenzy, welcome! You are really about to enter another dimension. One where the mad dash toward April 30 will keep words flowing from your fingers and your mug full of coffee. Returning for a second round of Script Frenzy? Hello! Nice to see you again! Remember just last year, the other dimension? Ah, good times. Good times.
Now we, together, will be the class of Script Frenzy 2008. You may know about the new rules, but just in case you’ve been in a work or family frenzy, here’s what has been changed:
All script types are allowed this year. If it's a script, you're in.
April, baby! If you've missed this, ah… ahem. Sorry. You’ll need to flip your calendar around just a bit, oh and perhaps a bit more. Yep. That should do the trick. We're in April!
If it's been a while since you've signed in, stop by the website! It's been spruced up over the last few weeks, including the addition of a writing software page. Of course, I'm not the boss of you, but I highly recommend using scriptwriting software. There are many free options out there. Believe me, the time saved and the hair loss prevented are more than worth it.
The website's page counter will open on April 1, local time. So, get ready to write! Sharpen all pencils, find a way to backup (oh yes, you read that right, the backup reminders start now), and buckle up for the ride. We're going to have a blast this April!

Jennifer "still missing some of the second act" ArztProgram Director
Earth Hour 8PM to 9PM Lights out! You know you can write by candle light.

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