Sunday, March 9, 2008

Dolores y Milagros

Nanowrimo has inspired me for several years. National Writer's Month is November. We are encouraged to write a novel of 50,000 words in that month, a worthy challenge.

My first attempt was a story of two young girls, Dolores and Milagros, who find an abandoned baby. I lost the story when my computer crashed, but I found my notes and rough draft of the beginning. It's about secrets and children. When things slow down a bit I'd like to get reaquainted with the girls. Right now I am listening to Francisco Canaro y su Orquesta featuring Carlos Roldan singing tangos from the 1940's. I'm sure Milagros and Dolores could not keep from dancing either.
I found thirteen pages from 2004 so here's a taste.
My name is Dolores for Our Lady of Sorrows. I don't think my mother meant to wish me a sorrowful life, but sometimes that is just what it seems to be.
My best friend is Milagros, which means miracles. You may see the tiny silver charms which adorn colorful shrines. They are milagros, too. Glistening petitions to heaven, shimmering prayers to a higher power. Prayers are what we need today. Big time prayers. We need wall-size milagros and roses galore to fill the room with sweet scent floating to the clouds where saints look down upon us in dismay. Perhaps the angels, who were never human beings, feel some compassion for us. Yes, that's what we need, for it was compassion that got us into this situation. My mother says we don't really have problems. They are situations.
"You see Dolly, just because I don't have enough money this week to by you new sneakers does not mean we have a problem. This situation will change next week and you will have your sneakers. No problem, just a different situation.
"Well Mama, I get your meaning, but my situation is a problem. Please help me now because all the saints and our dear Lady can't tell me what to do."
But Mama's voice is silent. She is up in those clouds with the saints and Our Lady and God himself. She was on a first name basis with God. She prayed often and sang his praises loud and clear. I hear her voice on Sundays, pealing like a vibrant bell above most of the other church members. We sing along, carried by her pure joy of song. I hear her when I close my eyes to pray. Today my prayers float upward and disappear like wisps of smoke becoming invisible in the air. I feel almost empty, far away. I'm sure she is with the most powerful group in the stars. She was a powerful woman, yet so gentle, so kind. My heart aches.
"Dolly, we have to tell my Mom. This time she has to know. She will help us do the right thing."
"Yes Milli, but I'm afraid."
Mrs. Santana is a formidable woman in her own right. A no nonsense, get down to business type of lady. You know, just get to the point. She is also a very fair person, a character trait I admire because I tend to tip toe around important issues.

Milagros charms for ArtErratica Swap
embossed shim aluminum, blue seed beads

Hola Mellisa!

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Cinabre said...

My name is Cinnabar. The color of the heart. As you I am a woman in the daytime and at night with my spirit and my hands I translate my feelings with some metal and stones. EX VOTO, amuletas, carry(wear) happiness, not to die from love! My favorite film is also " La Belle et la BĂȘte of jean Cocteau... Of this fact I feel close to you! Although the geography separates us... But at night there is not distance anymore then bye for now! Cinabre France.