Sunday, December 14, 2008

South Pole Sailing

Dear Vickie,
Here is your Daily Feng Shui Tip for Sunday, December 14
Intrepid explorer Roald Amundsen planted a Norwegian flag in the South Pole on this day in 1911, claiming discovery of this land after locating it in only 57 days of searching. Sometimes it can seem like traveling during the holidays can take that long as well. If you want to travel through this season with ease and grace, it is highly recommended that -- before departing to go anywhere -- you download and then pack a picture of what's called 'The Mystic Knot' in Eastern lore. This knot is believed to untangle and traveling snafus when carried on your person. And should you encounter any out of the ordinary delays or upsets, be sure to take the knot out and rub it three times with the hand you write with. This should smooth things out in no time at all!

I've been thinking about Antarctica again. My Feng Shui Tip just reinforced my growing obsession, one which resurfaces from time to time. Please don't be misled. I still love Oaxaca.

I check the weather conditions (91F today, high 80's this week) and imagine being there, warm and toasty, but Antarctica, cold, beautiful and desolate has always held a strong fascination for me. How do people live, even thrive, under such extreme conditions? Why do some willingly explore these forbidding places, knowing their lives are in peril?

The expeditions--tourist type--look amazing. I found one that connects from Buenos Aires, another place I long to visit. Maybe this can happen. Anything is possible, I suppose. This looks like a job for the image board. It's time for a new one :)

Now, what about love?

Sagittarius Horoscopes
(Nov 22 - Dec 21)

Next Week
For the Week of Dec 15th, 2008 -- A funny conversation can open the door to romance this weekend. You may not have to go far from home to connect with someone in a friendly way that could heat up quickly. As long as your approach is playful, others will want to play with you. Humor could be your most attractive element for pulling someone to you now.

Humor pulls me to someone, too. A sense of humor would probably be a great asset in Antarctica. That and The Mystic Knot.

Antarctic wildlife ~ d j jennings 2007
Mystic knot

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