Sunday, December 7, 2008

Say I Am You

Thanks to the lovely angels at Artella for this beautiful tome. Rumi is timeless.

December 7th, 2008

'Say I Am You'

Today's Creative Quickie for the soul: A poem of worship, written 800 years ago by Rumi
"Say I Am You"A beautiful poem by Jalalludin Rumi, set to soothing music and scenic views, is today's Quickie for the Soul. Choose a quiet moment to read the Sufi poem "Say I Am You". Then go to the YouTube link, make sure your audio is set to a comfortable level, breathe deeply, and enjoy.

I am dust particles in sunlight

I am the round sun

To the bits of dust

I say

To the sun
"Keep moving"

I am the morning mist

and the breathing of evening

I the wind in the top of a grove

and surf on the cliff

Mast... rudder

helmsman and keel

I am the coral reef they founder on

I am a tree

with a trained parrot in its branches



and voice

the musical air coming through a flute

a spark of stone

a flickering in metal

Both candle and the moth crazy around it

Rose...and the nightingale

lost in the fragrance

I am all orders of being...

The circling galaxy...

The evolutionary intelligence

The lift....and the falling away

What is...and what isn't

You who know Jalalludin

You the one in all

Say whom I am

Say I am You

Sagittarius Horoscopes
(Nov 22 - Dec 21)
Next Week
For the Week of Dec 8th, 2008 -- Your personal life will definitely not be boring this week. A Full Moon in your 7th House of Partnerships is bound to bring activity, whether shaking up what you've already got or springing a social surprise or two. Finding your balance can be difficult, though, as your moods can swing wildly with rapidly changing circumstances

Finding my balance can be difficult, both physically and emotionally, but I usually end up on my feet in the end. Isn't that what life is all about?

Loved my visit to Woodstock yesterday with Helen. First we hit the book sale at the library, located on Library Lane. Found my little sampler, "All things must change" at Talisman. When we arrived at the Woodstock Bead Emporium, my favorite source for Herkimer diamonds, the proprietor told us they were relocating. There's truth in that sampler. Found more hands in the magic supply store.
While perusing Candlestock (really), a shop on Tinker Street, I came across a candle of three unusually familiar looking simians. I posed the question, "Have you seen an orangutan lately?" The response was less than helpful. The mystery continues. Refer to the following post:

Today, a baby shower for a dear friend. The cycle of life brought many of us together for a reunion and celebration of the good things. Wine is good. And this is true.

You are the one in all

Say who I am

Say I am You

Photo of Woodstock treasures and non compliant monkeys~seeing, hearing and speaking nada

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