Sunday, April 20, 2008

Spiritual Spring

Monoprints for Z's Spring Print Exchange are pulled and ready to head to the North Country. This is a lovely exchange for many reasons, but especially because it starts during the chill of February and March when a touch of Spring is sorely needed. The completion in April heralds a new beginning of the seasonal wheel. Despite my whining, I enjoy the changing seasons very much. Having Pope Benedict XVI in New York this weekend seemed to put a positive spin on things. Blessing the Ground Zero site was very moving. It is the only resting place for so many.

Certainly it is sacred ground. The theme of reconciliation is healing and so important today. We can all look into our hearts and souls for peace with one another.

Meanwhile, boobook from Oz has started a call to wear a Saffron Bracelet to support Tibet while still supporting the Olympian athletes. I'm in, boo.

Reconcilation doesn't mean forgetting indignities, it means forgiving them.

Spring Garden monoprints~ilovelillies nness

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