Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Yesterday three transformers exploded just outside our office. The first explosion shook the building; our poor patients got more than they bargained for as far as stress tests go. The second explosion knocked out what was left of our electricity. Bad news, no power for the rest of the day, good news, left work early.

I "organized" my material for Script Frenzy. I have my characters outlined and a title and three lines of Scene One. More vampires, I guess I just have to get them out of my system. There's probably a deeper meaning in there, but it is fun. Check out Michael DeMeng's blog post on Shadows

Etching April Showers ATC's is still in progress, I'm liking these pieces. It's evolving day by day because each process takes twelve to twenty-four hours to complete. I'm trying a salt on copper patina after the etching. It works out well time-wise. While the metal cooks I can work on my script.

The power is back so I do have to go to work, sigh.

ATC from Robot Swap vt

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