Thursday, February 14, 2008

Prisoner of Love

Well, it seems I've returned from the dead, or rather, the undead. Sidetracked by my vampire novel, I have neglected my shrines. Fortunately I am on the home stretch with the vamps and my shrine compulsion has resurfaced. Many times I am inspired by my patients, who come in to have their hearts imaged, Today, St. Valentine's Day, brought an elderly gentleman in for a test.
He was understandabley anxious and had 'a thousand questions'. We were able to put his mind at ease as far as the procedure, but he explained why he was so concerned. It seems he helps care for his wife of over fifty years. She suffered a stroke ten years ago. He spoke of her tenderly, with loving words. "Yes, you see, I'm a prisoner of love." I do see, Sal. Life blesses us and curses us. Somehow I think you and your wife have the best of the bargain .
There's a tin nicho with your name on it just waiting for a transformation. Thank you my sweet man for the perfect Valentine gift, love.
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