Sunday, February 17, 2008


Headed north yesterday to the town of Woodstock, which also inspired the setting for my vampire tale. As we drove up I saw more and more snow on the ground. By the time we reached Woodstock I saw remnants of ten inches or so, but the weather was mild and it was clear sailing. Geods, aragonite and some very funky Chinese dragon beads in bone were collected here and there. I'm sure they will find their way into an assemblage or shrine in the near future.

Helen and I had a yummy lunch at Joshua's and wandered around town for a while. I love the energy in that area of New York. It makes me feel really good for quite a while.

Back home a package from the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Baltimore was waiting for me.

I'll be writing a story for and about Mr. Poe in the near future. He is quite intriguing.

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