Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dancing Under the Crescent Moon

General Weekly Love Horoscope Influences
Feelings grow tender this weekend as loving Venus enters emotional Cancer on Friday. It's hard not to take things personally and, perhaps, be a bit less trusting than usual. It's tempting to dig into old wounds, but that's only helpful if you are committed to healing and finally letting go of the past.

Eeeeewww! Not digging into anything, thank you!

Is less trusting possible? I guess. So I have issues. Who doesn't? Please, don't take it personally. I'm still feeling so peaceful since attending the Pow Wow. It's always such a positive experience. Christine has been to the Pow Wow since she was a baby. It was so beautiful to see her there with her own little girl. So many familiar faces danced by in the circle around the bonfire. I felt all warm and fuzzy.

Dancing Under the Crescent Moon

Soft clouds envelop the moon, releasing

the pale crescent as the wind gives chase,

dappling moonlight on the sacred circle.

We come to dance around the fire once

again, meeting old friends and new

souls, joined in a joyful celebration of life.

Renewed hopes and cherished dreams still

bind us as one under the summer constellations.

The hunter and the archer make way for

the ladies of summer as they rock in the darkness.

Drums and singing fill the night air as

we weave around the golden fire, snaking

our way to eternity and yet another summer.

The spirits smile and join the dance.

Spontaneous free form :)
Jingle dancer

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